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All three members come from different backgrounds. There were times one was working hard as a teacher, one was playing Romeo and one was setting himself on fire.

This has given us a number of various experiences that we long for to share. And ofcourse we are also active under SKAPANDE SKOLA (Swedish Art Council).

The themes of which our workshops consists of is:

Workshops in school

We work with creating stories on the floor through physical movements and narrating with the body as a tool. We explore the borders of fantasy and take it a few steps further. We use mime, rhythm, and timing and to give our impulses all the space they need.

For the younger students a "lesson" often starts with us going thru different subject that we ourselves use in order to create our performances. Fantasy, concentration, movement and cooperation. All this so that the students in the end of the class can use their creativity och what they have learned to create a short play by themselves.

Their own version of course!


When we have been working with older students we have placed focus on the physical aspect of creative work. Our own way of working comes from improvising on the floor rather than by the desk, hence we always look for the student's individual strengths and thru physical improvisation we help them to enlighten their own version of e.g. Storytelling.


We explore the spontaneous expression of the clown by working with presence, sincerity and impulses. We work with the rules of the clown and the art of finding the game.

And above all, the relationship with the audience!


Focus on awareness of the body and balance. To explore a roll or somersault to something more than a skill.

To trust your partner, yourself and your ability to create something that is interesting and expressing something.

Stunt & Stage fight

To learn how to fall and fake a fight! Yes, that simple!

Dance & contact improvisation

Explore the movement and the contact with a partner or the floor. Weight shifts with a partner, find the flow in the movement and let it find its expression. To trust your partner on stage, yourself, the audience and the room.


Group exercises, to say yes, work with text, voice, get rid of blockings, and let the creativity loose, status, actually having fun!