Performances (At this point!)

Teater Imba have several projects going on at the same time. We work constantly with new material to reach all ages. The performances that are available are described below.

Except these performances we are also always ready to work out new ideas or improvise directly on spot. We would like to say that our repertoire is not limited.

Our Version of Robin Hood

”Robin Hood I want!”

The hero of the people who gives to the poor what he has taken from the rich.

A hero whose name that has echoed through out the time and of his equal famous little friend who might not be so small. Join in this heroic tale that takes the fight against Prince John and his little friend that actually is quite small. And last but not least we won't forget the amazing Marion who is much more than just a love interest.

Of course, you all know the story of Robin Hood which now is Teater Imba's latest classic in our own classic style.

Namely Our Version.

Welcome to Theater Imba's humorous, solidarity, strange and different idea of ​​courage, love and humanity!

Recommended age: 5-13 years

Length: ca 40 min

At the same time a long time ago

A physical performance

about choices and taking the consequences

about making compromises without losing yourself

about dealing with ideas of who you are and should be

about being able to look upon your own reflection in the mirror

about at the same time a long time ago all was much easier and

about at the same time a long time ago it was just as hard.

Teater Imba's ambition with this performance for young grown ups is to tell a story regarding relationships, coexistence and identity in a honest, simple and complicated way.

All told in the unique storytelling of the group the goal is to reach a new target group with the purpose to arouse discussion and reflection around these subjects.

Recommended age: 13-18 years

Lenght: 60 min

One Smile At a Time

One Smile At a time is a solo performance in one act where we want to

explore and expose the feelings we are working so hard to hide. We ask

the questions we don't want to answer. Throw the accusations that we have to take responsibility for. A performance that pulls aside the smiling mask to by a sincere and honest expression show what lies behind.


In this performance, we step away from our usual repertoire of family performances and directs us instead toward adolescents and adults. A comic conception of mental illness to make short the whole.

Recommended age: minimum 15 years

Length: ca 75 min

Our version of Cinderella

A classical fairytale about hopes and dreams. A little girl raised in a home without love

who has to work and never rest. For how long can you keep up hope for something

better? In this performance we dare asking the existential questions we all have: What to wear? What shoe size do I actually have? And what is a ball at the castle?

Teater Imba tells this famous story in their own weird way using improvisation, humor, dance and stupidities. Together with the audience a new, never told, version of Cinderella is created.

Recommended age: 5-13 years

Length: ca 40 min

Our version of the Beauty and

the Beast

Most of us have heard the story of the Beauty and the Beast, the classical story about the prince who has to pay for his vanity, Belle the girl with books as her greatest passion, Belle´s father who is a really confused scientist and Gaston the village hunk who wants to marry Belle at all costs.

A story you probably know, don´t you?

But if we make the father even more confused, the beast even more ugly and afraid of heights, and if Belle really hates horses with secrets?

Then we promise you a performance you haven’t seen before!

Recommended age: 5-13 years

Length: ca 40 min

Our version of the Lion King

A son of a beloved king.

The jealous brother of the king makes evil planes to take over the throne.

The prince looses his father and has to leave the country, finds new friends and returns to challenge his uncle to take back his place on the throne. The story about Haml…no wait, his name is Simba!

Well, lets see what happens when Thomas and Christian enter the stage and start messing around with the story…and each other.

Recommended age: 5-13 years

Length: ca 30 min

Our version of Snow-White and

the 6-8  Dwarfs

Snow-white is one of the most well-known fairytales, which started as a folklore, shaped up by the Grimm-brothers and made magic by Disney.

And now it’s our turn to tell our version with everything from dwarves you never heard of to some new creative solutions to the beauty problem if we may say so.

Lena performs this story with Christian or Thomas who create a new version every time…

Recommended age: 5-13 years

Length: ca 30 min

Our Version of Tarzan

This story begins in a world untouched by humans, an unexplored paradise

where the law of the jungle rules! A story about a lonely child who is (partly)

welcomed by a pack of monkeys and the child's struggle to fit in with his new family.

A beautiful story about being proud of who you are! To do things in their own way!

And of course, with Lena and Thomas on stage , we make it with our own little twists... With criminal marmosets, a trigger-happy Clayton, Stefan the Sloth who do things in his own way, and a good pinch of humor!

Recommended age: 3-7 years

Length: ca 20 min

Our version of clown

Are you going to have a big dinner and are afraid it’s going to be awkward? Are you chosen to be responsible for your company’s moving-in-party? Do you want a fun bachelor party with no strippers involved? Are in desperate need of entertainment or just feeling lonely?

Don’t fear, the fair lady said or Don’t be a fruit, as the vegetable said!

We just involve our red noses and do what we do best; improvise a clown piece from the audience’s requests but always honest and sincere. Everything from a stage performance to entertainment at the event.

What do you want to see?

As we already mentioned we are proud to present us as a theatre company that produces new material in a good tempo and we are eager to work from ideas, scripts and assignments that are given us…our version of course!

Do you have any projects or ideas you would like to see performed by us? Don’t hesitate to take contact and we will promise to give it the performance it deserves!