What we're all about

A four-year-old often says, “ I can do it myself!” and so do we!

In Teater Imba we are all as much actors as we are directors, lighting designers, dramaturges, script makers, critics, fans and mascots. Nobody has a decided role and the work assumes from cooperation and the will to play.

Just like Storytelling.

Storytelling is what we call our form of physical theatre and it is exactly what it sounds like and yet so much more. We work with nothing but our bodies and the sound effects we can make to create everything from characters to a simple door. And who says a door can't have a personality?

We all come from different backgrounds, but we have found a common way of working: surprising each other and ourselves.

This comes from constant improvisation to create playfulness amongst each other which in turn invites to new material. In Storytelling your best partner on stage is the audience and because it’s a new audience every time the performance is never the same.

Improvisation is an often-occurring word among us, also the floor. Mostly we put them together in the sentence "improvise on the floor". By this we mean that our performances rarely come from us sitting down with pen and paper but from us creating directly on the floor.

Someone does something, the others follow with their own impulses and just like that, we have begun to play!

We know it’s a cliché, but we do think it’s most important to have fun!

Briefly how we worked with

"Snuvan, Friskus och Bacilluskan"