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Valentines day and what's not better than the beautiful love story between Tarzan and Jane?

Welcome to Hallarna for Our Version of Tarzan

After a long vacation we're once again back to Sagateatern with Our Version of Cinderella!

What we are doing





A four-year-old often says, “ I can do it myself!” and so do we!


Teater Imba is a company where all three of us are equally actors, directors, script makers, critics, fans and mascots. Nobody has a decided role in the group and the work starts from cooperation and the will to play. Just like our pieces.




We all have different backgrounds but we have found a shared way of working: to surprise each other and ourselves. We constantly play with each other and that gives new material for our performances. Our best partner on stage is of course the audience and because it’s a new audience every time the performance is never the same.


Two of our most important working tools are improvisation and the floor, and often combined of course. That means that we never sit and discuss what we are going to do…we go to the stage and just start the play…sometimes it could give us an Oscar statue and sometimes a smack on the cheek…


We know it’s a cliché way of saying but we think it’s most important to have fun!


Briefly how we worked with

Snuvan, Friskus och Bacillluskan:



At last! Our Version of Beauty & the Beast is finally back! And this time at Hallarna in Norrköping.